Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sickie Update

Sean has gotten worse. Wah! When the doctor examined him today, she said it was like the bacteria was laughing at the antibiotics she prescribed. THey didn't help one bit. His ears are worse-- all pussy. His throat is very red with white patches. He's got pink eye again and still has this fever off and on. Not to mention a runny nose and cough. They did a throat swab and it doesn't look like strep. The last time we did antibiotics, Sean was on Augmenten, which is more powerful than Amoxicillan, because the dr said when pink eye and sore ears come together, they tend to resist amoxicillan. But it resisted augmenten too! Yikes! Sean got an injection of antibiotics today, and he starts another round of some even MORE powerful antibiotics. I really hope this works, as I shudder to think what may be in his future. :( Poor baby hates all the medicine and eye drops. And I hate forcing it on him.

Meanwhile, I've missed 3, going on 5, days of work this week. So I feel guilty about my students not progressing. But its really me that needs to be home so he can nurse. Especially so he doesn't get dehydrated as he still refuses the bottle. I don;t know what we will do next week if he doesn't improve. I'm not sure the principal will look too kindly on me missing more. But I;ve got to do whats best for Sean.

Of course Sean has been grumpy and hoarse. But mostly he just sleeps. However, he insists on being held whether he is awake or asleep. That appears to be the only comfort I can give him, so I've just been holding him. It reminds me of his newborn days when I just parked myself on the couch and watched tv while he slept over my shoulder. Except now, he is waaaaaaay longer and doesn't fit up there in quite the same way. And he is also hot from the fever, so we both get a bit sweaty.

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