Saturday, February 23, 2008

Parada Del Sol

Went to the Parada Del Sol today! (Had to skip Maggie's art class to do so, but totally worth it. I love parades.) Lots of fun. Saw the Ballet Folklorico.

Also saw clowns, miniature horses, lots of girl and boyscouts, and even a cactus balloon.

The weather was nice. No rain like I was worried about yesterday. In fact, we had to break out the sunscreen and hats. The Parada Del Sol is really low key. As you can see in the pictures, there is almost noone on the streets. In fact, everyone is on one side and there was plenty of room to sit in folding chairs with everyone getting a front row seat. That made Sean happy.

I even got a little video clip of our favorite band. They were visitors from San Luis, Arizona. I have to admit, they were way better than the local highschool band. The camera didn't record the sound very well. Sorry!

After an hour and a half we went to McDonalds. A lot of parade go-ers were there too, so Maggie had lots of kids to play with. Saw a few brownies, a cheer leader, and a baton twirler. Afterwards we went home and had a nap. But there was more fun to be had. Glen BBQ-d chicken for dinner, and that made Maggie think of camping. So she got Glen to set the tent up for her in the backyard. Here she is making sure to put a "heavy rock" on the stakes so the tent wouldn't blow away. It is amazing that girl's memory. I think we told her that last time we went camping, which was about 2 years ago!

There are the happy campers. Maggie is currently asleep in the sleeping bag, but in her room. Too scary outside.

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