Monday, February 11, 2008

Pink Eye!

It has returned. Maggie is a pink eye magnet! She seems to get it every year. Yesterday she was coughing quite a bit, and today after school, she complained about her eye hurting and there was the nasty green goo in her eye duct. Of course, by the time we figure this out it is 5 pm and the doctor's office is closed. So, Glen is staying home from school tomorrow and taking Maggie to the doctor. I'll be taking Sean to daycare like normal in order to minimize the chance he will get it. Maggie has been really good about washing her hands a lot and not touching Sean today, although it is very hard for her. She is really being quite a trooper actually. I can't even remember the last time she was sick. But she spent the afternoon laying on the couch with a cool rag over her eyes and sucking on a cough drop. Poor thing! I gave her a teaspoon of honey to help with the cough. I read that somewhere honey worked better for a cough than cough syrup. We never used cough syrup anyway, but now that its not considered safe for kids we definately stay away. She didn;t like all that honey at once. But it almost immediately helped and she was able to fall asleep.

Sean is doing well. He was just happily giggling to himself and kicking his legs into the air this evening. I figure he was watching some invisible fairies flitting around. He is loving his baby food too. Scarfs it down at daycare. And almost always eats when offered here at home. I find myself holding back so he won't be too full to nurse.

Oh...and I drew the lottery number for Maggie's application at Villa Montessori (our first choice school). I didn't think I could do worse than last year, but I drew number 47. Looks like we won't be there next year.

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