Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pink Eye Update

Well, now Sean has it. Bleh! Took him to the doc yesterday and he has a double ear infection too. So now he has eyedrops, antibiotics for the ears and probiotics to keep his tummy healthy. Maggie is done with her eye drops now, but was just prescribed antibiotics for her ear infection too. She was up in the middle of the night crying, so we took her to the doc today. "YIPE!" was what the doc said when she looked into Maggie's ear. Thats never a good sign. So Maggie is going to be on antibiotics and probiotics for awhile too. Meanwhile, we missed ballet, I've missed two days of school, Glen has missed 1 day, and we had to cancel a playdate. Hopefully, everyone will feel better by the end of our 3 day weekend.

Despite being sick, Sean is still a little charmer.

Here is a little video showing Sean's crawling progress. The most he does is lean really far over like he is going to go for it, but then he change's his mind. Sometimes he will fall onto his tummy, kick his little legs, and go nowhere. He used to cry for me to sit him back up, but today he rolled from his tummy to his back and happily stayed their for awhile. He has rolled from back to tummy before, but never tummy to back. Yay Sean!

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