Friday, July 24, 2009

Latest crochet endeavors

Circles to squares afghan. Trying to use up the old scratchy yarn of 10 years ago so I can buy the new soft kind of today.

The Julie cuff. A bracelet crocheted of thread.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More dinosaurs

Well, we may not have gone on a vacation this summer, but we have seen plenty of sights. We've been touring McDonalds. Every week we go to a different McDonalds, comparing their play places. This week brought us to one where the dinosaurs watch you eat.

It received 2 thumbs up from the kids, but it was a half hour drive away, so we probably won't be back until next summer when its really hot and the kids are bored and driving us crazy. (Ha!) Ok, they occasionally get along. Like this evening, after dinner, while Glen was watering the front yard, Maggie rediscovered her roller skates and Sean was happy to walk around following her.

And here is Max, wide awake! He is still a very sleepy baby most of the time. And has been doing some very sweet cooing lately. Hard to believe he will be 3 months old next Tuesday!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lost another tooth!

Maggie's front 2 teeth have already come in, but her baby teeth haven't fallen out yet, until today. She lost her top right tooth (left in the picture) at girl scout day camp today.

She did lose the tooth down the bathroom sink while at camp, so she left a note for the tooth fairy on her door. The one next to it is also very loose. Perhaps another tooth fairy visit will be later in the week.

Max has been a very smiley baby lately.

He is over 16.5 pounds now and wearing size 9 months clothes! Eep! Sean and Glen have been spending a lot of time in the backyard. The heat doesn't seem to bother them. (Note, he is still carrying around the logging truck postcard.)

Sean's been growing too. He is 28 pounds and exactly 3 feet tall. His feet have been growing, and I keep buying the same style shoe each time. He is currently in a size 7 but I fully expect him to outgrow those by the end of summer or maybe by the end of September. He is still wearing size 24 months or 2T.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another museum visit

First Sunday of the month is free at the Arizona Natural History Museum, so that's where we went last weekend. We call it the "Dinosaur Museum". Maggie has gone several times with Grandma Nancy, but Sean has only been one other time and was too little to remember it. So it was all new to him, and he LOVED it. He was very interested in the dinosaurs.

Maxwell thought the museum was a great place to take a nap.

Inspecting the triceratops head up close.

Maggie found an exhibit that mentioned the infinite vastness of the universe. It had some lights and mirrors to simulate infinity.

We stayed home for fourth of July. It was actually a long, hard day parenting wise. Glen put Sean to bed early that night as he had refused to nap earlier and was completely wiped by 7pm. So it was just Maggie, Max, and I at the fireworks. We walked down the street to the park to view them from the distance. Maggie was ready to go after 10 minutes, so we came home and went to bed. I could still hear the fireworks show going on after she was asleep. I had bought some glo sticks for the kids to play with in the dark since sparklers are illeagle. But with everyone either too tired or too grumpy to enjoy them, I tucked them away for another night.
Meanwhile, I'm having fun crocheting this summer. Here is Max trying out a little baby blanket I whipped up for him to have at daycare when I go back to work in August. Its definately the softest thing I've ever crocheted. He was happy with it...well, until I flipped him over for some tummy time.

Here is some Japanese "Amigurumi". Bascially little crocheted stuffed animals using only the most basic stitch in crochet. I whipped this up with some leftover yarn from a blanket I had made mom 8 years ago. Its a little alien. Maggie has since absconded with it.