Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sickie Update...part 2

Sean is doing better. He is not 100%, but well enough to go to daycare tomorrow, and I will be back at work after a week off. I'm sure my students didn't mind a week of review while I was gone. Now its back to work.

Sean is still on antibiotics, but he hasn't had a fever since Thursday. He hasn't been as cranky this weekend as in previous days. However, just bringing him into the living room makes him cry and squeal. He is BORED with that! We wanted to be outside this weekend. I think he is ready for a little action after being cooped up for a week. We will see how he does tomorrow. Glen has some lesson plans at the ready incase he needs to stay home with him. Sean has slept well the past two nights also, so hopefully that means his ears aren't bothering him as much.

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Harshes said...

Hi Ad! Sounds like things are getting better. Good news. I have a car Mondays-Wednesdays. Let's meet up soon.