Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Car update.

Its toast. Apparently the water pump broke and the engine overheated and died. It will cost more to fix it then the car is worth so our little car is headed for the junk yard in Camp Verde. *sniff* We are currently using a rental car until we buy a *new* car.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our "Vacation"

So Glen entered in the Jerry Garcia Frisbee Golf Tounrament near Flagstaff and played this weekend. Maggie, Sean and I tried to drive up on Saturday to camp overnight with him, but, our car broke down on the highway! Yipes! Still not sure what is wrong, it just stopped moving. So we played with the tumbleweeds while we waited for AAA to send us a tow. Got towed to Camp Verde where the mechanic is closed on the weekends, of course. The tow truck guy was nice enough to give us a lift to McDonalds where we waited for Glen to come and rescue us. Glen was driving a rental car as the VW is still not fixed. Glen took us back to Phoenix, and then drove back in the wee hours of the morning to finish the competition. So now we are extending our rental car contract as our car is stuck in Camp Verde where the mechanic there will hopefully fix it. I don't see how we will be able to pick it up until next weekend.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pictures from the past month.

Mmmmm...cottage cheese...

Working on the tree house.

First day of school!

Making monster bubbles.

And finally, Maggie and the trampoline. I was tired of her jumping on the couch while watching tv. (When things get intense, she gets jumpy....literally) So the trampoline has really helped.

I know I don't have a lot of pictures of Sean in this post. We'll focus on him next time. He does have 2 more teeth (total of 7) and now says "hello", "bye bye", and "uh oh". Everything else he just gestures for in his cute baby way and says "dah" and then waits for us to give him what he wants. He is still a crawling speed demon with no interst in walking. And the mosquitos love him. He probably has 30 to 40 bites on him right now. Mosquito repellant makes his skin break out in hives, so our only hope is to leave all the fans on high and hope the mosquitos are blown away.