Saturday, February 2, 2008

Its a small world!

Sean and I took Maggie to her first art class at Herberger College for Kids. This is a 90 minute long art class on Saturday morning at ASU for 6 weeks. Glen had planned to come as well so we could take a walk around the campus and hang out while Maggie was in her class, but one thing led to another, and when it was time to leave, he wasn't ready. So maybe next week. Turns out I had company anyway! I met Theresa and Larry there, parents of Grayson, who used to be in Maggie's preschool class. 5 years ago, Theresa and I would nurse our babes together during the lunch hour and they even came over for a playdate or two. But they moved Grayson to another preschool at age 2 and we hadn't seen them since. I cannot believe how much he has grown! I remember him as a cute little toddler dressing up in capes with Maggie. Now he is a handsome little boy! Time flies! Anyway, Theresa, Larry and I (and Sean) ended up going over the the MU to grab coffee (them) and orange juice (me). As some of you know, the MU caught fire last semester and has only partially reopened, so I thought it quite ironic that while we were there the fire alarm went off. We took our drinks outside and had a nice time catching up. Turns out Grayson is going to Villa Montessori, one the schools on our list for Maggie. So maybe we will be seeing more of them beyond this art class.

We got home around 11 am, and I went into the bedroom to put Sean down for a nap. Maggie said she was tired so I casually told her to lay down in her room and rest. Usually Maggie will go entertain herself for a little while and then I go give her my attention after Sean is asleep. NEVER in my wildest dreams did I expect Maggie to actually do what I suggested. 10 minutes later I go looking for her and she is curled up in her bed fast asleep. She slept for an hour and a half! Amazing! I guess this last week wore her out. ....all that homework (grumble). ;)

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