Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Kelty "Hiking Chair"

We went to REI today to spend out Christmas Gift Certificate and bought a Kelty Backpack for Sean to ride in. Maggie calls it his "hiking chair". It comes with one of those shade screens that arches over the top. We didn't want to scare Sean too much the first time out, so we decided we will try it next time. We went to South Mountain (conviently located next to REI) for our first trek. Their is a handy little daypack underneath where Sean sits that we put some Schlotsky's sandwiches in for an impromptu picnic. There is a second bag attached to the back of the pack that contained all the diapers and what not. We still need to fine tune some of the strap adjustments, but it worked well. We discovered that both Glen and I have freakishly long torsos compared to our leg length. So we can switch who carries the pack without having to readjust everything. Very handy! We weren't out for more than an hour and a half. Didn't want to push it with them both still coughing. But Maggie is insisting that we go out again tomorrow. So we will. We have Monday off. Yay!
And on another note, Sean seemed to learn a lot today! He learned how to roll off the rug to reach the forbidden stack of newspapers. He learned that he could put his face in the bath water and drink it. And he learned that if he protests when Maggie takes a toy out of his hands, she will usually give it back. :)

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