Friday, February 22, 2008

Learning, learning, learning...

Gosh! It seems like Sean is learning and growing and changing daily. Today, as I was trying to feed him his baby food, he grabbed a piece of celery off my plate. My first thought was to take it back as he has no teeth, and I was afraid he would choke. However, he seemed to be so happy, and I didn't think he would be able to bite a chunk off, so I let him have it. After about 10 minutes of gnawing on one end, the celery had kind of flattened out, and he was able to get little bits out from between the strings. I think he ate about an inch worth of celery over the span of half an hour. He was just happy as a clam. I guess its time for me to starting offering him more "real" food.

Sean is also really trying to move now. He can change from a sitting position down to laying on his tummy, and then roll around to his back or side. When he first started doing this, he would start to fuss if he was on his tummy too long. He doesn't know how to sit back up. But today, he was happy on the floor for quite a long time. 30 minutes or more. He was laying and grabbing at the rocking chair, then he would push himself up and kind of pivot on his tummy and turn to grab at another toy. Maggie decided to play bowling with some of the toys, and she would roll a ball towards Sean and try to knock over one of his toys. He found this terribly excited and Maggie loved it too.

Its raining now. We have a few sprouts in our backyard. Maggie hopes that they are the purple carrots that Katrin sent us. Glen doesn't really keep track of what he plants where, so its always a suprize when the garden starts to grow. I've identified some squash coming up, but a lot is still a mystery to me. The leaves are only maybe the size of a dime, or smaller. I'm sure they are loving the rain.

Tomorrow is the Parada Del Sol, one of the few community parades left in the area. (Most parades have big sponsers and big commercial floats, but this parade is mostly just the highschool bands, girl and boyscouts, firetrucks, guide dogs, and horses. Lots and lots of horses. Maggie likes the Parada Del Sol because there are a lot of "pretty" saloon girls riding horses in this parade. Oh...and she likes the candy thrown from the floats. :) We plan on going with our umbrellas tomorrow.

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