Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arizona Science Museum today!

Well, the awesome Star Trek exhibit is gone. I never got to post the picture of me sitting in the captains chair on the bridge of the Enterprise (against the rules, by the way. photos were not allowed) I don't have that photo anymore because I hadn't downloaded it to my computer before my camera was stolen during the break in earlier this year. Darn! The new exhibit is all Legos! Trevor would have loved it.

Here is Maggie aiming a catapult at a virtual castle and trying to build a wall that wouldn't be knocked down.Everything was set up in and around a Lego castle. They had costumes the kids could wear such as a princess, a dragon, or a knight. Here is Glen and Max inside the castle. Hey mom, can you tell Sean is holding the postcard of the logging truck you sent him? He carried it around all day.

Here is Max and I next to a dragon built out of Legos.

Spent lots of time building with Legos. Maggie had more interest building with Sean in the "under 3" area. She just wasn't into the regular legos they had for kids. She eventually wandered off to a computer and was doing something on that.

Sean had fun knocking his creation down also.

Came home for a late lunch. Sean only slept for 30 minutes (ack!). Then Glen took Sean and Maggie to the public pool while Max and I stayed home and made meatloaf and nursed in peace. We've been going to the public pool quite a bit. Bought a summer family pass. It has a couple waterslides, a zero depth entry in the kids area which Sean loves to walk into. The shallow area has some playground equipment right in the pool so Sean has a waterslide his size and some things to climb on. Push some buttons and turn some wheels to make water squirt here or there. Sean loves it. Maggie always makes friends with some other girls around and mostly hangs out at the waterslide and diving boards. Can you believe she dives off the low dive and jumps off the HIGH DIVE!??!!! I couldn't believe it. I didn't realize she was heading for the high dive or I would have told her to stick to the low dive, but she just jumped off and had no problems! She really had the lifeguard on edge though. He saw her up there and immediately stood up and had his life preserver ready. But Maggie had no problems. I made sure she knew not to try diving though. That girl is FEARLESS!!

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