Friday, June 5, 2009

Last night I have a 1 year old!!

As much as I hate to admit it, cheerleading suits Maggie. She has been asking to be in cheerleading for about 3 years and I've put it off until this summer. On the first day, her coach tells them how important it is to yell really loud so everyone can hear them. And as we all know, loud is one thing Maggie can be. In fact, the coach had her call out the start of the cheers since everyone could hear her. Anyway, she is having a great time.

Sean is currently enamored with shoes. He loves to wear shoes allllllll the time. He wants to wear them to bed, although we have convinced him to wear slippers at night. He likes to try on everyones shoes. Today we got Maggie tennis shoes on and wore them for several hours. It was so funny to see his little clown feet. The shoes were big enough to look funny on him, but small enough that he could move around in them. Tomorrow, Sean will be 2. He has definitely embarked on toddlerhood in a big way. Complete with independence, tantrums when misunderstood, loving smooches, and dirty face smiles.
After the kids are in bed, and if Max will sleep, Glen and I have a few moments in the evenings. He has been watching the basketball playoffs and I have been keeping him company while crocheting. Its been awhile since I have picked up the hook. Here is the first project I completed.


Our Little World said...

Hey, thanks for the encouraging comments! I so appreciate them.

OK, I can totally see Mags as a cheerleader...awesome!

Sean is 2? Oh my. I love the shoe stage too.

And you made that elephant? Sweet! You are awesome!

Ad said...

Thanks for always commenting! I love to get them and apparently, my other friends and family are the non-commenting type.