Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pink eye is back...booooooooo!

Pink eye is the Hestenes nemesis. It seems as though everyone in this house gets it at LEAST once a year. We were feeling pretty good when Max was 2 weeks old and we kept Sean's pink eye from him. But now, at almost 2 months old, Maxwell is the latest casualty. He has a stuffed up nose, red throat, ear infection, and of course the goopy eye. I've been trying to heal it with breast milk. A little squirt in the eye sometimes helps as it has antibacterial properties. But I took him to the doctor today as it was getting worse. We are now on eyedrops and Augmentin for the ears. :( Sean also has the the stuffy nose and sore throat, but we are taking a wait and see approach with him. I hate to give my kids antibiotics as it wrecks havoc on their little digestive systems. So unless Sean starts complaining of sore ears, we'll just ride it through. Since Max can't talk, and I'm not sure the extent of his suffering, we decided to give him the antibiotics for relief and hopefully knock this thing out of the ball park.

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