Friday, June 12, 2009

Ahhhh...hand me downs

Well, Maxwell wore his first hand me down today. Here he is at about 6 weeks old in Sean's groovy tie dye shirt.

And here is a picture of Sean at 3 months old wearing the same shirt.

Sean has been having a rough week. The newborn novelty has worn off. Sometimes he is sweet to Max, but just as often we will slap, try to step on, pinch or bite the baby. Usually when Max is in the bouncy or nursing. So, Max is rarely in the bouncy. Can't do much about the nursing except try to nurse on the sly when Sean is occupied.

Carbon (Sean's cousin on Glen's side) just left for Alaska to spend the summer working on a fishing boat. He was playing around with Sean the night before he left and put his hat on Sean's head. And there it has stayed, through naps, walks, and errands. Sean loves to wear that hat. Sorry Carbon! We will keep it safe while you are gone.

I finished off another little crochet project. I really don't have time to do entire blankets or sweaters. Maybe next summer. So for now I've been working on smaller projects. Its very satisfying to finish a project. Here is Maxwell posing with his new rabbit blankie I made.

I chose to crochet with wool so I could try a new technique (well, new to me). Felting! I didn't come out quite symmetrical, but hopefully everyone will be so distracted by the cuteness of the baby holding it that they won't notice. Did you?

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Our Little World said...

Your crochet rocks! I love the hand me down pics. And I totally am not looking forward to keeping Annabelle away from the baby. She LOVES babies too much, but is way too rough. I figure either the baby or Anner will always (one of them) be in a sling!