Saturday, March 15, 2008

Radishes and Kayaks

The radishes are READY! We've got tons of them!! Here is Maggie with part of the bounty.

Some of the lettuce is ready too so we have been eating a lot of what Maggie calls "Rabbit's Dream". This is a salad with carrots and radishes. We all scarf it up. Tastes better when you grow it yourself. :)

The kayak also got its maiden voyage today. Maggie and I gave it the first spin on Tempe Town Lake, while Glen and Sean sat onshore. Then Glen and Maggie took it out while Sean and I walked around. It was a very windy day and so the water was pretty choppy. Unfortuneately, we didn't get any pics of me and Maggie, but here is one of Glen and Maggie. (It looks like her life jacket is a little on the big side. She is 49.5 pounds and I bought one rated for 50-90 lbs. We may go back and buy the size smaller and let her grow into this one, and then use the smaller one for Sean when he is old enough.)

Everyone had fun in the boat, but I think Maggie had more fun playing on the "beach".

Sean was a little disturbed when Maggie and I took off in the boat and he was left onshore. But he managed to have some fun anyways.

We are going to take the boat out again tomorrow afternoon (probably). And hopefully try out a nearby lake (one NOT in the middle of the urban jungle) over spring break. Everyone is tired tonight. Glen and I both feel our abs. Maggie and Sean went right to sleep.

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