Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dying Eggs

Well, inbetween creative dance, which Maggie LOVED, and the birthday party, we ran out to the supermarket to buy some eggs and dye and went to town. I boiled 2 dozen eggs, and we ended up with 20 I think. Maggie and I ate the cracked ones for lunch.

Here is Maggie all organized for dying eggs. She didn't want to hear anything about fancy dying techniques. (I was rembering making plaid eggs, or half blue and half yellow with the overlap turning green.) She wanted to do it HER way, which is fine.

Sean was forced to play with pastic eggs while Maggie was dying. He is really into throwing things lately (testing out gravity I think) and I was afraid he would chuck any egg I gave him.

I dropped Maggie at the birthday party at 3pm and asked the mom when I should pick her up. She said 5pm. So Sean and I went out and bought Easter candy and then went home for a nap. I should have set a timer because we were both still out at 5:05, which is when I woke up. So I roused Sean and we picked up Maggie at 5:20. I was worried I would be late, but apparently they had just broken the pinata and hadn't even opened presents yet, so phew. I think Maggie had an ok time at the party. She had fun, but only knew one other girl there and I think she was ready to go home when I picked her up.

And of course, with Sean's late nap, he was still up at 8:30pm. (He is usually tucked in around 7-7:30pm.) Maggie asked me if I was the one who hid the easter eggs so I told her I was. There were some older siblings at the b-day party and I think one spilled the beans because Maggie told me one of the brothers was "grounded" and she didn't know what that meant. Ha ha! I told her not to tell Sean and she liked the idea that it was a secret about mom hiding the eggs and only she knew. I still need to get up early and hide them in the yard though.

Glen spent from 9-3pm picking glass up off the ground in Papago Park. He said it was NOT fun. He filled 7 5-gallon barrels with pure glass, and said there was still more to get. He and some of the other frisbee golfers were helping the City of Tempe put in a new frisbee golf park near our house. Afterwards they played a round, so he didn't get home until dinner time. Tomorrow is his usual frisbee golf day but because its Easter, he is skipping. We decided that after finding all the eggs and sampling the candy tomorrow morning, we would get an "early" kayak in on Tempe Town Lake. Maggie still has raccoon eyes from our trip to Saguaro Lake. Apparently I missed the area right under her eyes, so she got a bit of a sunburn there. The fact that her hat is too small didn't help matters either. Her first sunburn ever! Hope to avoid this by hitting the lake early tomorrow.

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