Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ballet Recital

After 8 weeks of ballet class, these girls are ready to show their stuff! This is a video of their warm up dance. If you can't hear the music, they are dancing to "Walk Like an Egyptian"!

They also did a tap dance and a little ballet. But as the recital went on, Maggie got more conscious of people watching her and she started watching the other girls more and dancing less. It was all very cute. I asked her if she wanted to sign up for the next session, but she said she would rather do swim lessons.

Sean had another checkup today. His ears are doing better but the right one is still giving him trouble. He is back on antibiotics for another 5 days. They also did a tympanic scan (or something like that) which involves measuring a sound wave as it bounces off the ear drum. It doesn't hurt and takes less than a second. But what results is a cool wave graph. I asked for a copy to show my students when we study trig functions. Hee hee! He has to go back in a month for another tympanic test to measure the fluid in his ears. Its pretty typical for kids to get this fluid and it takes awhile to go away, so they want to monitor it.

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