Monday, March 31, 2008

Maggie and the Dentist -- epic saga part deux

Ok...maybe its not that bad. I took Maggie to get her teeth cleaned. I was feeling confident that there would be no problems seeing as how she sailed through getting fillings last month. Silly me! The hygenist was polishing her teeth, no problems. Then she squirted her teeth with water and Maggie began to cry and refused to let her finish the cleaning. At the time we couldn;t figure out what was wrong. The hygenist said the kids usually prefer the water part to the polishing. Since we can't force Maggie to open her mouth, I just took her home. After talking to Maggie about it later on, she said the water hurt her teeth. I'm guessing she has sensitive teeth and the water was too cold. I asked if she would let the hygenist finish cleaning the top teeth if she didn't squirt water in her mouth but let her rinse her own mouth out using a cup. She agreed that would be fine, so I need to make another appointment. I'll shoot for one in a few weeks and let the trauma pass. The dentist was very nice and didn't even charge us for the (half) cleaning or collect a copay. Maggie has had her teeth cleaned with no problems before. Just .... frustrating because we sat (with Sean) in the waiting from for 20 minutes only to have her appointment cut short. Maybe I can make a later appointment next time and leave Sean home with Glen. Or better yet, have Glen take her!

Glen's dad is recovering from his quadruple bipass at home now. He is sore and slow-moving, but generally in good spirits. We are keeping the kids away so as not to reign chaos and germs upon the recovering.


Nicholas Ludwig said...

It's really quite frustrating, not only because the appointment was cut short, but also because of the sensitive teeth. The dentist would have figured what the real problem was on her succeeding appointment. Do her teeth still get hurt after the whole cleaning?

Hertha Gearin said...

Oh, good thing that you found out about her sensitive teeth. It's pretty surprising that the hygienist didn't give her a cup of water for water polishing. But your dentist is very generous to have not credited you for the additional payments. I hope Maggie is all good now.