Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkeys and Parades

Well, here it is! The paper-mache turkey. Maggie still wants to put some finishing touches on it, but it looks pretty good! Big though!

The Tempe lights parade was tonight, but I missed it. I stayed home with Sean who is a little sick. Glen and Maggie went and they had tons of fun. Well, Maggie had fun anyway. ;) Thanksgiving was fine. I managed to ruin the yams, gravy, asparagus, and potatoes. Oh... and the turkey was underdone inside. I blame it on trying to multi-task with 2 kids, but really I just was having an off day. Glen and Maggie were out and about so it was just me and Sean, and he was sleeping most of the time. Oh well. Better luck next year. Hope everyone else had a good meal!

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Joanna said...

Kind of looks like a Thanksgiving peacock!! :)