Friday, November 2, 2007

First Parent Teacher Conference

Well, we survived our first parent-teacher conference. I feel it went well. The teacher seems less frustrated with Maggie's stubborness than the last time we talked. I know she is becoming more cooperative. I feel she has adjusted to life with a baby brother, and life at home seems much smoother the last few weeks. I suspect its the same at school. Boy they do a lot of worksheets! Bleh! The teacher does not seem into the hands on activities I envisioned there being in Kindergarten. Maggie has never brought home any artwork either. She has really been into painting at her easel lately. I guess to make up for it. They do have a weekly music class though, and Maggie has really been enjoying that. She likes to hit the rummy sticks.

In other news, Halloween was great. Maggie, Sean, and I went TOT-ing. Maggie was a mermaid and Sean was a dragon. Sean slept the whole time. Glen stayed home to hand out the candy. We got a lot of TOT-ers this year. Ran out of candy! That has never happened! Fortuneately, Maggie had scored a ton, so we passed out a bit of her candy while she was occupied in the bath-tub. Shhhhh! Don't tell! I'll try to post pics this weekend.

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