Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jumperoo! Hopperoo!

Ok. We broke down and bought a big plastic baby item that will be outgrown in about 6 months. (I guess the baby bucket car seat fits into that category too, but ya have to buy those!) We bought Sean a jumparoo! It looks like an Exersaucer but with springs. There is one at daycare and he is always smiling when he is in it, so we bought one. He absolutely loves it! We don't have much baby paraphenalia beyond a stroller that we don't use, and a bouncy chair from when Maggie was a baby. So I guess this brings us up to par with mainstream america. Can you tell I am feeling guilty? We've been trying to stay away from MIC items (made in China) and also excessive plastic. Oh well.

Maggie loves the jumparoo too. She is very MAD that she is not allowed to climb in and give it a whirl. She asked Glen to build her a Maggie size jumparoo in the backyard. Maggie is somewhat appeased by the fact she can use her hopparoo while Sean is in the jumparoo. (Jumparoo time is when I am cooking dinner) She hops all around Sean and plays "Froggie". Sean is "baby froggy", Maggie is "sister froggy", and I am "mommy froggy". My job in the game is to ask "sister froggy" to catch some flies for dinner.
Here are some pictures...

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Eric said...

Speckled frog says "KEEP HOPPING!"