Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Peter Piper Pizza

Its Tuesday and its the end of a loooooong week. Ok, it wasn't really that long. But we felt the need to celebrate the start of a 5 day weekend. Wooo hoooo! Maggie has school tomorrow, but Glen and I don't. I'm going to use the time to make pies for Thanksgiving and maybe get a jump on xmas shopping. Most of my shopping has been online this year, but there are a few things I prefer/need to get in person.

Maggie's class is having Thanksgiving Dinner for lunch tomorrow and families are invited, so Glen, Sean and I are going down for lunch at 9:45 am. (!?!) They stagger the start of lunch every 15 minutes starting with Kindergarten and ending with 6th grade. So when Maggie is in the cafeteria, she is there with 1st grade and leaving when 2nd grade starts to come in, if that makes sense. Can't wait to experience "the cafe" as Maggie calls it. Sounds more elegant then the cafeteria. I hope there will be some of Maggie's work on the walls in her classroom so I can see what she has been up to. She still is highly non-communicative about what goes on during her day.

Ok...so I have rambled a bit and haven't even addressed what the title of this post proclaims. We went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner. The pizza was so much better than I remember. (We haven't been since Maggie was Sean's age as we had a bad experience...) Maybe I was just hungry? We had tons of fun. Even Maggie ate a piece of pizza. She usually picks everything off, but I noticed she left the mushrooms on this time. They were fresh, not canned. Very tastey. Sean hung out in the sling. He is too big to be worn the way I used to wear him when he was tiny. Now I put him on my hip and use the sling to support carrying him. It worked very well. Less stress on my back and Sean could see out and turn, but still snuggle down when he has had enough. I still prefer the Beco (SSC -- "soft structured carrier" for those new to babywearing -- looks like a little backpack worn on the front or back) for long carries as the weight is distributed on the hips. But its not comfy to sit in. The sling still wins for carrying while sitting.

I'm glad my English teacher isn;t reading these. I'm sure I'd lose points for grammer. I just reread everything and my writing leaves something to be desired. Oh well. Its just a blog, right? L8r!

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