Sunday, November 11, 2007

The snuffles...

Sean has the snuffles. Actually, he is rather congested and sometimes does a little wheezing when breathing. :( We spent a lot of time in the hot, steamy bathroom with him this weekend to try to break up some of the congestion. He seems his chipper self otherwise. But as I write this, I can hear him sort of snoring because his nose is plugged up. Poor little guy. The good thing is no work tomorrow. Its Veteran's day and both Maggie and Sean's schools are closed so I "had" to take the day off too, and happy to do so. If Sean is up to it, we plan on going to the Veteran's day parade in downtown Tempe. Poor Glen has to work. It's somewhat silly that school is in session. They are closing down the street its on between 9am and 1pm because of the parade. (Not the same parade we are going to.)

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