Friday, June 27, 2008

Zoo Camper and Family Fun Night!

That's right! I gave Maggie hair cut. Its kind of messy in this picture, but its short enough to avoid lots of tangles, hair brushing problems, and shampooing battles, but long enough to *just* pull back into a pony tail. Its a good length for a head band, which is her preferred style these days.

And here is a picture of our little zoo camper. (If you click on the picture, you can see her face and shirt in more detail) She got to tie-dye her own shirt and all the campers got matching hats and water bottles on a shoulder strap. I was worried she might be too hot at the zoo, but they did indoor activities in the afternoon and had time for lots of water play...even set up a water slide for the campers. We also have a brush fire currently burning in south Phoenix near P.I.R. and there is a TON of smoke blocking the sun and cooling it off a bit. We were brushing ash off of our hair the other day at the pool.

Here is a picture of Sean at the Art Museum for Children. The theme was "table manners" and he was busy at the Japanese table picking up the "sushi".

Today was family fun night from 6-8pm at McClintock Pool so we went! They have a water slide Maggie loved and a kiddie pool as well as a regular pool. Glen, Sean and I hung out in the regular pool while we watched Maggie compete in the cannon ball competition off the diving board (she got extra points for cuteness and was probably the youngest kid up there and won some bubbles). We also watched her in the "dance off" where all the participants won beads. Everyone got a raffle ticket upon entering the pool and we won twice! (diving rings and splash balls). Maggie and Glen enjoyed snow cones and we all had a great time. Got home late! Everyone is peacefully sleeping now though. :)

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