Monday, June 23, 2008

Its so lonely here!

I signed Maggie up for Zoo camp this week. She will be busy there between 8am and 3pm. I signed her up awhile ago because I thought she might start going stir crazy at home all summer, but things have been going suprizingly well. She has mostly found plenty of things to keep her busy but the late afternoons do tend to drag a bit and we rely on cartoons to keep the peace. (She tends to razz her brother around 4pm -- thats when the tv comes on) Anyway, its kind of lonely around here. Just me and Glen and Sean at home today. Glen is busy working on his vw -- its still not running. Sean is busy opening and closing all the cupboards, so I've been trying to "get things done". First task -- clean up my desk. Its a towering disaster of magazines, old report cards, post-it notes, receipts and other junk. I also uploaded about 400 photos to snapfish and ordered hardcopies. I haven't printed any photos since before Sean was born and am a little behind on his baby book. Ok ok...I haven't started it yet. But I do have all the supplies and now all I need are the photos. Ok...this computer on my desk has distracted me long enough. Time to get back to work...

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