Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long summer days...

How do we fill them? Lots of playing at home, swimming at Grandma Nancy's, and the occassional field trip. We went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History, a.k.a. the "Dinosaur Museum" the other day.

I was pleasantly suprised. Lots of dinosaur bones and fossils, but also stuff specific to the southwest such as Hohokam history and artifacts. They had a mock-up of the Lost Dutchmanns mine which was dark and scary, at least to Maggie it was. She really didn't want to go in there, but we convinced her. They also had an old jail from a hundred years ago. And gold panning!

Gold panning was Maggie's favorite. They had puzzles and games to play throughout the museum, and we had a fun time. Glen and Sean's favorite part was the 4 story tall "flash flood" exhibit which had a real flash flood every 23 minutes. We had our watched synchronized so that we could see each one while we were there!

Sean is still teething teeth #3 and #4 and is exceedingly grumpy. The only thing that made him happy during the museum was being carried on Daddy's shoulders.

Here are a few pictures of everyday summer living here at the Hestenes household. Since school has been out, Maggie and Sean have been playing really well together. I think the lack of stress has made Maggie a much happier camper. Plus, she is really growing up and turning into a great big sister.

This morning, they spent over an hour playing together without me having to interrupt and without someone breaking into tears (Sean) or yelling (Maggie). It was great. I hope we have more days like that. Grandma Carolyn's birthday present for Sean (the pull back cars) are a big hit. I'm not sure who likes them more...Maggie or Sean.

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Our Little World said...

Oh wow, Sean is 1?! Craziness. Annabelle is 8 months today. Wah! They were so cute playing w/the cars together! And I totally hear you about the teething. I saw a glimpse of Annabelle's 3rd tooth the other day.