Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ice Skating and Blocks

Sean had fun today putting the blocks back into the box. It started out very cute, as you can see in the video. However, soon he started to put blocks from Maggie's creation into the box and tempers began to flare. In the end, everything worked out. I preoccupied Sean while Maggie quickly finished her castle, then she let Sean help knock it down and they put the blocks away together. Lets just say I was stunned that I wasn't tripping over blocks later that evening. These kids just keep suprizing me lately.

Today was Maggie's first ice skating lesson. Only 2 other kids in her class. They worked on trying not to fall, skating forwards and backwards, and picking things up off the ice. I think the teacher was trying to get them to do more of a glide motion by having them skate and pick up rubber ducks off the ice without stopping. It seemed to be working. Maggie had lots of fun, and she didn't fall once! A huge difference over the last time we went ice skating where her jeans were soaking wet by the time we were done. She has an hour lesson every Saturday until school starts. Please forgive the picture. I had to take it through the hockey screen.

We are still enjoying swimming lessons. Maggie is quite good at the back stroke but hasn't figured out how to put her face in the water with the crawl stroke yet. She is the youngest in her class, and extrememly coordinated. She is enjoying it. I am taking a water aerobics class at the same time as Maggie's swim lesson which is fun. However, her class ends before mine. She sits on the side of the pool with her snack and hangs out with another girl whose mom is in the aerobics class also. We have an evening class and don't usually get home until almost 8 O'clock. Needless to say, everyone's bedtime has crept back about an hour this summer.

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Our Little World said...

Swimming and ice times for Maggie! That is great.

Your kids do play well together for having a big gap. They are so cute.