Thursday, June 12, 2008

'G' rated movies are sooooo NOT!

Maggie and I went to the dollar theater this afternoon to watch Horton Hears a Who, an animated film adapted from a Dr. Suess book. It started off pretty well. We had our popcorn, we had our Sweedish fish, and Maggie had us sitting in the very front row. She was giggling along with the movie until the part with the vulture. It was sooooo scary! Maggie immediately wanted to leave and so we did. We went out and looked around at other things, played a video game, got a lemonaide refill, but I couldn't convince her to go back in. So after 30 minutes, we were done with that movie. There was some name calling in the movie and some snarky bits I hoped Maggie wouldn't catch, but it got me thinking that there just aren't a lot of kid movies out there! We waited OVER A YEAR for a 'G' rated movie I thought Maggie could handle and finally we tried Horton and were very disappointed. I sure wish they could make a G rated movie that was actually appropriate for kids!

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Our Little World said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry. Tatum actually loved that movie and we have seen it twice, but she doesn't get scared at that stuff. I've definitely learned my lesson with PG movies. Those are a no-no. But even in the G movies there is name calling, "shut ups" and deaths (think of Clayton in Tarzan). Some days I think I want to get rid of all my movies except PBS ones. Or just throw out the stinkin' TV! Sorry again! Bummer. But good for Maggie for sticking her ground and not watching it!