Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Gotta get some pictures, but we have been swimming almost daily at Grandma Nancy's house. We usually swoop in during the late afternoon and swoop out to get home for dinner. Sean is having cautious fun -- in other words, he has a lock grab onto my swimming suit strap, but is generally smiling. He is the first to get cold so I take him inside for a warm bath while Maggie and Glen have some rauctious fun. (I wont let them make too many waves while Sean is in the pool) Maggie is our little mermaid. She still remembers how to float front and back, dive to the bottom of the deep end, do a bit of the crawl and back stroke, summersaults, cannon balls, and she can swim the entire length of the pool underwater without taking a breath! We've got swimming lessons starting up on Monday and I signed her up for "Starfish Swim School Blue" which is where they start to seriously learn the stokes and do "real" swimming as opposed to concentrating on arms and legs separately. Its no longer a pre-school class. *sigh* I have a 6 year old now so she will be with other lower elementary kids! Yikes!

We also took Sean on his first bike ride. He loved it! He rode on the back of my bike with his little helmet and Maggie rode her own bike. The four of us rode around the neighborhood, over to the middle school baseball fields, and then over to Hallman Park, the desert area with the duck pond. This weekend we plan to load the bikes up and drive to Indian Bend Wash where there are some nice bike trails and go along there. Its not too far from the house, and we could easily bike there, but we don't want to be riding near traffic laden roads with Maggie on her own quite yet. She hasn't mastered the concept of "look before you leap" so we want to keep her on bike trails or sidewalks by streets with no traffic. ;)

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