Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Houston...we have a tooth!

Thats right! Sean cut his first tooth today at exactly 11 months old. Its on the bottom and I can see another right next to it in the wings.

Sean is also getting a lot better at crawling. He will mosey from room to room checking on everyone. However, he stops to eat EVERYTHING that is between him and his destination. Yikes! Glen swept and mopped for an hour last night, and still Sean can find some tiny speck to munch on. He tends to cruise around the highchair to find dropped food pieces from a previous meal.

Favorite foods of his right now are cheese, golden beets, purple carrots, and sauteed apples. However, he is having troubles with constipation, so apples, bananas, rice products (like pasta and cereal -- remember he can't eat wheat) and cheese are all rationed out to him or not given at all depending on the day. We've had to add pureed prunes to his diet as a daily maintainence issue with him.

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