Monday, May 26, 2008


Uh-oh! We have mud in the backyard since its been raining here lately. I opened the sliding glass door to pop outside and throw the laundry in. Sean movesw at lightning speed now and scooted right on out and right to the mud. Ahhhh...what fun he was having. Maggie joined in too.

Went to the zoo today. We decided we had better get out while it was still relatively cool. Got up to the mid-80's today and will be back into the 100's tomorrow. So we went to the zoo. Maggie talked Glen into taking her onto the paddle boats -- something we have never done at the zoo before. Sean, alas, was too young and they wouldn't let him go so he and I stayed onshore.

Its currently 8:12 pm as I write this and Maggie is sound asleep. She has "school" tomorrow and for the next 2 half days. I'm sure it will be party central. Sean, on the otherhand, is wide awake. Glen is trying to lul him asleep. Gone are the days when Sean would just nurse peacefully off to sleep. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. Time for a new bedtime routine...

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