Friday, May 2, 2008

Purple Carrots!

The purple carrots have finally arrived! Maggie is totally excited, although somewhat disappointed that they are orange on the inside. However, once cooked and cut into little cylinders, they are quite funky looking and she forgave their orange-ness and ate them up. Sean liked them too. They are VERY sweet. I packed some in his lunch for daycare today and everyone was wondering what the heck Sean was eating. The other day I had packed what I call "Zebra beets". They are white with pink stripes, and don't stain your hands. Perfect for Sean! They are getting used to his eclectic diet.
Well, Maggie's b-day is getting close....the big #6. We sent invitations out today. In some sort of delirious state I decided to invite ALL the girls in Maggie's class. Ummmm....thats 12 invites! Yikes! Lets hope for a 50% turn out. Maggie really wanted to have her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Yes...I know...gross. So we plan to be there next Saturday from 2:30 to 4 ish with tokens and cake for everyone. I'm actually starting to warm up to the idea as I just realized I won't have to clean the house, or think up a menu, or plan any games. It should be a fairly low stress party plan. Lets hope someone shows up!

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Our Little World said...

That is so cool! Yummy and fun! I think it's great how good Maggie eats. And happy 6th birthday Maggie!