Friday, May 23, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation!

Imagine 100 kindergarteners and 300+ parents and family crammed into the school cafeteria, everybody jockeying for a picture taking position. And then after the kids file in, you realize you are on the exact opposite side of the room from her and all you can see is your daughters blue pony tail holder. Yup, that was Maggie's graduation for us today. I managed to squish over and find a small hole for my camera. I had to sort of hold it off to the side because there was a lady in between me and my line of site for Maggie. The little video didn't turn out too bad though. Here they are singing one of my favorite songs from my camp counselor days at Hancock Field Station. :) What a suprise!

After singing a few songs, they filed out and then came back in wearing their purple graduation caps (their school colors) and holding their "diploma". This time, Glen fought his way into position to try and get a photo. Here is the best of the lot.

Ahhhh...sweet success...cupcakes at 8:30 in the morning! Maggie had the rest of the day off of school (to our suprise!) so she came home with us and hung out. Glen has been working on repairing his old model train set and the two of them worked for a bit on the back patio setting it up on a table our of Sean's reach. In the afternoon we went to the library and walked around the gardens nearby. It was rainy and cold! Very strange weather for Arizona in May, esoecially considering that it was 110 earlier this week.

Tomorrow we are going peach picking, rain or shine. So check back for more pix later this weekend.

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January said...

Congratulations Maggie! So, does this mean Montessori school now? FUN!