Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wildlife World Zoo

We spent the afternoon exploring a new zoo. Well, new to us anyway. Its way out in Litchfield Park (45-60 minute drive) and much smaller than the Phoenix zoo. However, they had rides, much to Maggie's delight. Here is a picture of Glen and Maggie viewing the animals from the Sky Cab. She is yelling to me that she saw kangaroos. (i'm zoomed in quite a bit...they are up high and a ways away.)

We also saw some animals that Phoenix Zoo doesn't have, like this albino alligator.

Sean and Glen hanging out while Maggie is on the playground,

Me and Sean watching a wildlife encounter.

Sean rode in the stroller a bit today. He had fun, but still prefers the carrier for naps. We had fun but probably wont go more than once a year. Its pretty far away and not too shady. Phoenix zoo makes this operation look kinda rinky-dink. Lots of chain-link fence for animal enclosures. But the sky cab, train, and boat ride makes it worth it from Maggie's perspective. :)

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