Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frisbees, Rain, and Emergency Parking Brakes

Glen has been busy at a frisbee golf tournament this weekend. He played 2 rounds yesterday (8-4pm) and is working on another 2 today. The tournament is in Fountain Hills, about 40 minutes away. I packed up the kids and drove out to the Fountain Hills disc golf park yesterday to meet Glen for lunch. It was a nice day, a bit windy. Maggie had fun playing with some girls age 4 and 7 whose dad was also in the tournament, and I chatted with the mom. We remembered to bring some duck bread and Maggie had Cormarants literally eating out of her hands. Had a nice picnic with Glen on his hour break around noon. We finally left the park around 2:30 pm. Maggie was "sweaty hot" from running around the playground so we stopped at a McDonalds to grab a milkshake before getting on the freeway to go home. I put the emergency parking break on because we were parked on an incredibly steep incline. After McDonalds, I packed the kids in the car, Sean fell immediately asleep and I started up the car. And couldn't get the emergency break to release. I remembered this had happened to Glen once and he kid of reached down there and did something to get it to release. I couldn't figure it out though. So I called Glen, hoping I wasn't interrupting anyones putt. But he had turned his cell phone off!! So I called AAA. They said they would send a tow truck, but couldn;t service the car, so they were no help. At this point I tried calling Glen again, but my cell phone battery had died. (Why can't I ever remember to charge that thing??) So I took the kids over to a nearby Circle K to find a payphone, which they don't have. So We trek back to McDonalds and I let Maggie play on the playground there some more while I was thinking what to do. We weren't that far from the frisbee golf park, but too far to walk with 2 kids. I was thinking maybe I could find someone in McDonalds to call a taxi cab for me. THen we could wait for Glen at the park and he could come and fix the car. THat would put as at the park for another 2 hours probably 3 would pass before we'd get home, and Sean was on his last diaper. :( I finally decided just to ask someone at McDonalds to help me so picked out a guy wearing a John Deer cap and he came out and tried to release the parking break. He flagged down another guy and that guy couldn;t figure it out either. Now its a matter of pride for them to fix this thing because they didn't want to leave me in the parking lot with a sleeping baby on my shoulder and a broken car. (Maggie is still having fun on the McDonalds playground. Its and outside one and our car was next to it so she could come over to the fence and check on the progress every once in awhile). Finally, a guy in a jeep was able to fix it. He reattached something or other and had it working in about 30 seconds. Yay!! So we made it home around 4 pm, about 45 minutes before Glen got home. Glen felt bad about my car problems because he said he should have fixed it when it had done that to him a few weeks ago. And also he felt bad about turning off his cell. (He promised he wouldn't do that again)

So today is Sunday, and Glen is back out in Fountain Hills finishing up the tournament. Its been raining nonstop, so I decided not to take the kids out there again. Plus, my throat hurts and I think I'm getting sick. Nancy called this morning and asked if she could take Maggie until dinner time because Tesla was over at her house and needed something to do. (I think she took pity on me with Glen being occupoed this weekend) I happily obliged so now its just Sean and me napping the morning away. Oh...and we did get groceries, and didn't use the parking break. ;)

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