Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First call from Yavapai...

Maggie and another little boy were fighting over a pencil today and the boy took it and stabbed her with it. There is a big scratch on her eyebrow. Thank goodness it didn't get her eye! Yipes!!! Everyone is treating the incident as if it was all this little boy's fault, and Maggie is some sort of innocent victim. Obviously what he did was wrong, but I'm sure Maggie did her share to provoke it. She can be pretty stubborn.

News from Sean's world...Sean is now 7 months old and he has successfully eaten mashed pears, sweet potatoes, and avocado. I really don't want to feed him because I feel it marks the end of his little baby era. Now we move into big baby era...then next thing you know its toddlerhood! I'm not ready for little baby era to be over yet!! :( I'm sure I could put it off another month or two if I wasn't working, but I worry about Sean never eating at daycare. Perhaps he will eat this stuff there even though he still refuses the bottle.

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow. I usually pick up Sean at 12:30 and immediately nurse him as he refuses to drink from a bottle. But tomorrow I won't be there until after 2pm. I'm taking a bunch of kids to a math competition. Sean has had a bit of baby food, so I'll send some of that with him. Hopefully he won't be too starved and grumpy, or sleep deprived when I pick him up. (He hasn't been napping well lately either.) Wish us luck!

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