Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sugar and Spice...

...and everything nice...thats what little girls are made of. I told Maggie that after Sean was nibbling on her, and she had told me that she tasted good to Sean. :) Then I asked her what little boys are made of. She said "milk and beans". :lol

We made sidewalk chalk "paint" today out of equal parts cornstarch and water and some food coloring. Maggie had fun painting it on the driveway. And when it dried, it really looked like sidewalk chalk.

Had a lazy Sunday. Took a walk to the pyramid. Maggie rode her bike, Sean rode in the ergo baby carrier. Our house was cut off from the rest of the town because of a marathon. Roads were closed all around us. This often happens as its nice for the runners to run around Papago Park and then down Scottsdale Road. It makes it hard to do the grocery shopping though. I had to wait until 4:30 before the barricades on Scottsdale rode were down so I could get to Safeway. And Sunday afternoon is NOT a fun time to shop. The store is crowded with college students who shop in packs, block the aisles, and don't know where anything is. It makes it hard to get in and get out quickly. its Sean's turn for a video clip....


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