Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tempe Street Fair

Well, its been raining, raining, raining. Strange, I know. But we had lots of plans for the weekend that had to be reworked. We did manage to get to the street fair today inbetween showers. Its always fun to walk around and look at everything. With Maggie and Sean in tow, we saw more performances and ate more snacks then actually wandering the shops. Maggie volunteered during one act. She got to crouch down in a line with 5 other kids while a dog jumped over them. Sean was happy to be carried in the beco. Waaaaaay too crowded for a stroller. Plus I think it kept him warmer. It certainly kept me comfy! :) We also got to listen to the Tempe Police Pipe Band (bagpipes and drums) and the Brazen Heads (Celtic Music). Glen and I actually went to a pub in Dublin called the Brazen Head. Its the oldest pub in Dublin (or in all of Ireland?). Built in the 1400's or so. I remember it had low ceilings and doors. ANyway, Maggie had fun making some crafts in the kids zone and watching a puppet show too. We had to leave a little earlier then planned because I didn't pack enough diapers. But I think everyone got their fill.

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