Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Doctor Visit for Sean

Saw the ped again today. Sean's ears are totally better and without the use of any antibiotics. Yay! She proclaimed him healthy and then he got his 6 months vaccinations. Poor little guy cried a bit, but was calm after the nurse left. I believe he got more agitated when they took his temperature rectally. His face turned purple and he screamed!!! Ok. So no more doctor visits until the 9 month well check. Hopefully he stays healthy.

Maggie is doing well, except she is just exhausted by the end of the week. Kindergarten is hard work! The reports home from the teacher generally start good on Monday, and get progressively worse by Friday. :( Her teacher said she was "excessively emotional" today. So we filled her up with pbj and tried to get her to bed early. Unfortenately, we ran into some of those emotions when we asked her to clean up this HUGE mess of packing peanuts she made (Thanks Stephen) so bed didn't arrive until almost 8 o-clock. But at least the peanuts are picked up now. Bleh.

We had planned on visiting the train park tonight for a train ride to the north pole, see the cool lights, and visit with Santa. But nobody was up to it when the time came. Some other day. Tomorrow Glen is chaperoning the xmas dance in my place and Sunday, Maggie and I are going to see the Nutcracker Ballet with some other moms and daughters. I hope Maggie can make it through... Ok. Enough stressing. Time to go eat some icecream. :)

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