Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Houston...the baby is sitting and laughing!

Sean can sit unsupported! Well...sort of. He tends to fall over when he reaches for a toy. But I can't believe my little baby is so grown up! Ack! He can't sit himself up yet. And he still doesn't roll from tummy to back. He will roll from back to tummy when he is reaching for a toy, but tries to be careful not to turn all the way over because as soon as he has the toy, he rolls back to his back. He definately prefers sitting though.
Today was also his first documented laugh. He is very good at the silent smile and likes to coo and "talk", but he let out a full fledged laugh today when I tickled his tummy, and another laugh when Glen "flew" him through the air. We have such a happy baby!

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