Saturday, December 29, 2007

Starting Solids!

Sean is having a good time in his new high chair. He loves to chew on his spoon. We tried a little pear today on the spoon, and he sort of ate it. Not bad for a first try. Nothing came back out and he tolerated it quite well. He prefers the spoon without food on it though.

It looks like Sean may have a sensitivity to wheat. I let him try some zweiback toast over Christmas and he promptly broke out in hives. I later found out that the eczema on the backs of his legs and tummy may be wheat related as well, so I have cut out all wheat from my diet to see if Seans symptoms improve. Sean won't get wheat at one year old (which is when you are supposed to first sample it) and will have to wait until 18 months or 2 years of age to try again while his gut unlearns the allergic reaction to it. If he is still allergic then, he will likely have to avoid wheat his entire life. :( Lets hope he outgrows it.

Isn't that a cute little bib Sean is wearing? With cookie monster on it? Well, I washed it tonight and it is now pink! Grrrrrr! I washed it with the evil red tablecloth that dyed another load pink earlier this month. Why can't I learn??? All my Christmas towels and kitchen cloth like hotpads, etc, are now pink. This tablecloth is headed to the Goodwill.

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