Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Soccer Trophy

Maggie's soccer team had a party at Peter Piper Pizza tonight. This weekend is the tournament. You keep playing until you lose. I am secretly hoping they lose early, but the coach wants everyone to bring a lunch because he thinks they can "go all the way". Yipes! Everyone got a participation trophy. Maggie wants to bring hers to school so she can show her friends. We compromised on her bringing in a photo of her holding the trophy. So this is the photo.

Maxwell is going very well. He is starting to sit up pretty well. Still needs a backup pillow (or mom) behind him for when he flops over while reaching for toys, but he is getting there. We also call him "Mr Roll-ee" as he will roll all over the living room floor. Sean thinks its hilarious when Mawell's leg flops into his train track set up. But not so funny if his foot knocks a train off the track. ;)

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