Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soccer Tournament and Xmas Trees

Maggie had her soccer tournament on Saturday. 4 Games in a row. Ugh! I went home using the baby escape but Glen and Sean powered through. Maggie's team won the overall tournament thanks to one boy on the team who is a soccer champ. So we are done with that now until next season. (Maggie is in black on the left with the ball)

Saturday night we had dinner out at Bostons. I had a 25 dollar off coupon that I bought for 2 dollars. It was great! Sean slurped up his maccaroni and Maggie lost her tooth while biting into her fettuncini. Her tooth didn't seem loose enough to fall out from a soft noodle. Oh...that reminds me...I had better go be the tooth fairy.... Ok I'm back. Maxwell was a big boy in the restaurant and sat in the high chair.
Afterwards, we went to our favorite tree lot at the local nursery and picked out a noble fir. The guy said he cut it himself and brought it all the way from Corvallis! It was a lot cheaper than our standard tree because its more of a Charlie Brown type Christmas tree. Its not quite symmetrical and a little blobby on one side, but you can't tell with all the decorations on it. The guy said it was a "number 2 tree" as opposed to the "premium" tree's on the lot. It was pretty nippy that night so we felt like we were really in the mountains (as long as you ignored all the noise from the generators which kept their lights on...) It was 8 o clock by the time we got home, so we decorated the next day.

Sean is pretty excited by the "mis mis lights".

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