Sunday, December 13, 2009


Its been cold here. A little rainy, but not much. We've all had to break out our sweaters. Here is Maggie sporting the red sweater I crocheted her earlier this year. She looks like a little Christmas elf with her green corduroys on.

I finally finished a sweater I've been working on for Max. It came out a little misshapen and definately too big.
So I was taking it off and putting it away for next year when Sean spotted it and said he would wear it. Its too short in the trunk for him, but he loves it. He wore it all day. His belly button peaks through when he is standing.

We had a busy weekend. Friday night we went to the train park and saw the Christmas Lights. It was opening night so we stood in line to see Santa too. Sean was a little wary but was won over by a candy cane. He absolutely loves the trains.

Saturday night we went to the marina and watched the boats light up and head out onto the lake for the Tempe boat parade. We didn't actually stay for the parade as Glen had to go chaperone the Christmas dance so we had to head home. But I think we saw enough to get the idea. The parade didn't happen at the marina, but on the other side of the lake down by the bridges. I think it was more fun being at the marina because we could watch all the action.

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