Monday, August 17, 2009

Such a cutie! A little hard to tell from the photo, but he is sitting up against a pillow...sort of. :) Max is such a happy baby. He smiles and coos for just about anyone. Still not taking his bottle in the morning at daycare, but makes up for it when I pick him up at noon. Max is really starting to work his hands too. He will reach out and grab anything that is near, hair, fingers. Totally sweet.

Sean has adjusted to life at Montessori. He no longer cries at drop off and seems happy when I pick him up. He enjoys walking into Maggie's room to pick her up, and is so proud to carry his own lunch box. Today the toddlers tasted jicama. And Sean tried it too! Nothing like a little peer pressure to widen a kids pallet. He actually ate pretty well today, now that I think of it. He ate his chicken and his corn and his rice at dinner (left the spinach). Usually he eats maybe 2 bites of one item and then runs off. Guess he was hungry today.

Sorry I don't have any new photos of Sean and Maggie. I took this one of Max tonight after the other kids were asleep. I need to get the camera ready during the day...

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