Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Start of the new school year...

The school year is starting to shape up. Sean is enjoying his time at his new Montessori school, although drop off is still full of tears after a summer of all mommy (and daddy) all the time. He seems happy at pick up. His teacher really seams great. Maggie has been good at keeping him company and trying to make him feel better those first few minutes in the morning. She hangs out with him for the first 15-30 minutes before she goes to the playground with her buds before school starts. Meanwhile, Max is ok in daycare, although hungry. Although he took the bottle from Grandma a few times, he has yet to do so at daycare. He isn't completely ravenous when I pick him up at noon though. He nurses, but not with the gusto I remember Maggie and Sean nursing when I picked them up as babies. It sure is nice that i get to go home at noon.

Maggie will be busy with ceramics, art masterpiece, ballet, brownies, and either soccer or ice skating this Fall. Everything is at school during the hour between the end of the school day and when Glen will pick her up from school (except soccer/ice skating which is on Saturdays). Sean will be coming home with Max and Mom after he gets up from nap (3pm).

Maggie's school is AWESOME! I am so glad we found it.

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Emily said...

Sean is enjoying his time at his new Montessori school. its a good news.