Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kiddo Updates

Glen is officially done with school now and is starting his summer off mowing the lawn. He is always so industrious. I went into school yesterday to turn in my grades. Maggie and Sean have one more week of school, then everyone will be home for the summer.

Maggie went on a "camp out" with her girl scout troop last night. It actually was more of a sleepover at the school. It was raining so they slept indoors. They had their little badge ceremony as well. Maggie earned 4 Brownie Try-Its which are the little triangle badges and a patch for selling cookies. According to her troop leader, Maggie was the last Brownie awake (fell asleep around midnight) and everyone was awake by 5a.m. Needless to say, Maggie hasn't been too pleasant today and so I've just let her veg by the tv.

Sean hasn't been sleeping too well lately. A combination of teething and getting used to his new role in the family with Max I think. He has been waking up crying in the middle of the night. Glen has been taking care of Sean at night so I think I am actually getting more sleep taking care of Max than Glen has been taking care of Sean. Sean slept in until 9 a.m. this morning. He is usually up between 6:30 and 7:00. He is currently riding around in the backpack while Glen mows the lawn. After which is nap time. Who knows if he will sleep. After nap we will take all the kids to Grandma Nancy's for a swim, if they aren't too grumpy. Otherwise, we will go tomorrow.

Sean's vocabulary has been really growing. I heard him call " me" from the other room when his train came unlatched and he couldn't get it back together. He has a lot of 2 word sentences. "Hold him" (refering to Max), "don't want that", "daddy's here". Its very cute. He has also branched out on footwear. For the past few months he would only wear one pair of shoes but recently, he has let me put him in teva like sandals to play outside. Yay! No more struggling with socks and sneakers.

Max still has trouble with baby acne, but he is sleeping for longer stretches at night. He will go down around 8pm and wake at midnight and 4 a.m. to nurse. Totally do-able!! He likes to take warm bathes and still hates having his diaper changed. But at least he hasn't peed on me recently. ;) Speaking of which, I hear him waking up...

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