Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Maggie is now 7 years old!

She got dressed up for her family party in her cinderella dress. She wanted to wear it to her birthday party on Saturday, but I said it probably wouldn't work since the main activity is the slip-n-slide.

Here is Maggie getting into her new toys the morning after before school. The kids had to eat breakfast with everything still on the table from the night before. Sean is battling pink eye and is teething. So he is grumpy because I wont let him touch the baby and has been waking up at night crying from teeth pain. He wont take any tylenol for the teeth pain. :(

Here is 3/5 of the family. Sean didn't want in the picture. Happy birthday Maggie! Max is now 2.5 weeks old.

Here is a photo of Sean loving Max pre-pink-eye. One of Sean's new phrases is "hold him" or "hold Matt" (He can't quite pronounce Max).

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Our Little World said...

I honestly can not believe that is Sean. He is so stinkin' cute! I love his hair!

Happy Birthday to Maggie!!!!

Still doing good here. Just nesting like no one's business!