Saturday, May 16, 2009

B-day party!

We had 5 girls over for Maggie's birthday party today. Three from school, one from down the street, and one from Maggie's old preschool we still hang with on occasion. :) She had a great time. You would not have believed the loud and shrill squeals all afternoon. We set up a slip-n-slide in the backyard and let them go to town. They had fun playing in Maggie's treehouse and working on the treasure hunt I made for them. I took a bunch of pictures, but there aren't many I can post because I don't want to put up pictures of Maggie's friends without their parents permission. Here are a few though.

Sean watching the slip-n-slide flood the yard. We should have nice, green grass in about a week.

Max looks totally relaxed on Grandma Nancy's lap in the 103 degree heat.
Maggie decorating her cupcake. The girls really enjoyed that. They each decorated 2 or 3 and I sent them home with their parents all sugared up. (Sorry) But at least they spent 2 hours running around the yard.

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