Friday, August 15, 2008


Its been a few weeks since I last posted! Time certainly has gotten away from me. All is well here in Hestenes land, just busy. Glen and I are back to work. I also picked up a section of teaching astronomy online for some extra bucks hence my lack of computer free time. Maggie is loving her new school. Today when I was dropping her off, we walked in and found a rabbit in a HUGE cage (big enough for several kids to be inside -- I guess it was more of a fenced off area). She was soooo excited. School doesn't start until 8:30 for her. There is recess from 8-8:30, but we have to drop her at 7 a.m. so we can get to work. So she had an hour before school to pet the bunny. She was also proud to tell me she held a hissing cockroach during class the other day. In Geography, they are focusing on China (of course! Olympics!). In Zoology (science) they are focusing on Fish. Maggie was telling me all about gills and oxygen in the water. Maggie didn't have much interest in discussing the focus for math, reading or writing, but it should be in her friday folder which I should get today. Heck! I was excited she told me what she did! I never got a single thing out of her last year. She is also learning to play four square and soccer (with the big kids) at recess. Grades 1-3 are all at lunch and recess together. School is over at 3 and they have snack and recess until 4:15. I'm usually picking her up at that time. Daycare goes until 5:30 and Maggie will stay until then on Tuesdays and Thursdays because they have special classes you can take. Maggie wanted to do art and ballet so we signed her up and will pick her up late on those days.

Sean isn't adjusting as well to his new surroundings. He is back in daycare while we are at work and SCREAMS when I drop him off. He is soooooooo not happy. It totally breaks my heart. However, the daycare worker told me today that he finally had a good day. He was happy and took a good nap and ate his lunch, so maybe there is a silver lining. He gets picked up ASAP (between 3 and 3:30) and thank goodness for our half days on Fridays. ;)

Looking forward to this weekend as a good buddy of mine has moved back to town and is having a house warming party. It will be good to him and meet his fiance! Maggie, Sean and I have a playdate with some friends to check out the new children's museum in Phoenix as well. So busy weekend.

And Glen finally got my panty built! Woot!!!

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It is nice to read an update on your family! So, is that the Montessori school? Sounds like a great school and Maggie is having so much fun! Is Sean in daycare full time now? I can just feel your heart breaking. You are such a great mama! Keep us posted! And your hubby got your panty built, huh?! Sorry, I couldn't resist w/your typo! LOL. Love ya! ;-)